Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sundays are all over the map for our family.  We most often spend the first half of the day preparing for church, going to church, and then winding down from church.  Why so much hullabaloo for church?  Well, when there are two toddlers involved everything calls for at least some hullabaloo. This is actually a huge step up from the first year of their lives when we avoided any activity that required our whole family to get out the door by a certain time.  It's hard to believe that now on SOME Sundays, we actually have our act together in time to goof around and take a few pictures before loading up in the this one particular Sunday...

Jenna: "Anybody up for a little scoot-n-zoom action?"

Layla: "You know I am, sissy!"

Jenna: "Hang on...what's this?"

Layla: "Ooh, sissy, those would look so good on you!"

Layla: "Wait, what am I saying?  Those would look so good on US!"

Almost time to go!
Jenna: "I'll help pick up the papers!"

Layla: "Me too!"

How about one picture together before we go?  Hey girls!  Look over here!

Jenna: "But that wind is just so fierce!"

Come on girls...look here!

Jenna: "But the sun is just so bright!"

Alright, forget it, we've gotta go.  Get in the car!

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