Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Actual Day

I bet you thought I was done with the birthday posts!  Just one more, I promise.  The Barnyard Bash that you read about here, here, and here took place on the day before Layla and Jenna's birthday.  On the actual day, we had a small, simple family know, the kind with no llamas, outdoor tents, or was lovely.  

The morning started with a Birthday Brunch.  It was a slow start due to the time change, the rainy weather, and the sheer exhaustion from the day before, but once we got going, a good time was had by all.  After we got our fill of french toast, egg and sausage casserole, hash browns, fruit, and mimosas (sans champagne for the tots and sans OJ for others...I'm not naming names), we moved on to the good stuff...the presents!

Layla is wasting no time.  Since Christmas, she has really gotten good at this gift opening stuff.  On the other hand, Jenna always seems to be too busy to bother with the task.  Here she is savoring that last piece of french toast for as long as possible.  

Layla: "This is a big one!  I'm glad I had a good breakfast!"

Layla: "Ooh, a scooter!  Now I don't have to hijack the ones from the boys next door!"

Layla: "What a nice picture frame!  I'll look so good in this!"

Layla: "A puzzle!  And it makes noise too!  Awesome!"

Layla: "Hey, Pop!  Thanks for for the beach towel!  Now all I need is a beach!"

Layla: "Thanks for helping, Dad, but I got this!"

Layla: "Baby Emory, how can you sleep at a time like this!  There are presents!"

Where's Jenna during all this, you ask?  I think she's in denial about turning two.  

Jenna: "Oh, to be an infant again...back when you didn't have a care in the world."

Actually, Jenna did open one gift...

...but, then she got side-tracked again!

After presents, we moved on to what I consider the good stuff...cake!  You would think with the umpteen cupcakes and cookies I had the day before, there would be no more room for cake.  But, we're talking Amy Cakes, people!

Aren't they adorable?

I have since discovered that Layla is afraid of fire, which explains her adverse reaction to the outdoor heaters we had at yesterday's party.  You can see the worry developing in her little face. 

Layla: "No, Mommy!  Not fire!"
Jenna: "Ooh, fire!"
Notice that Jenna has on no tights or skirt.  Yes, we have entered that phase.

Layla: "OMG, Mommy!  What are you doing!?!?!"

Once the flame was extinguished, Layla had no problem becoming better acquainted with the cake.
Layla: "Who needs a fork when you've got good ol' fashioned fingers?"

Jenna: "Seriously, sissy?  You're two need to start acting more civilized!"

Really, Jenna?  Must I remind you that you don't have on any pants???

What a wonderful way to wrap up to Layla and Jenna's 2nd Birthday!  Thank you Grandma, Granddaddy, Lolli, Pop, Aunt Devin, Uncle Tony, Aunt Delo, Aunt Marilyn and Cousins Emory, Caroline, Tara, and Rachel for spending the morning with us!  And, to all our Arkansas kin who were here in spirit (darn car problems).  We love you all very much!  

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