Saturday, April 28, 2012

Au Naturel

It's been several weeks since Layla and Jenna have entered 'THAT' phase.  You know, the one lots of kids go through, the one people say is totally normal, the one that drives their momma absolutely crazy because they do it no matter where they are.  Yep, Layla and Jenna prefer to be 'au naturel' (to be read in your best French accent).  I can't complain too has gotten better.  We've gone from running around buck naked in music class at Gymboree to at least keeping our diapers on...most of the time.  I'm sure the duct tape around the waist helps with the diaper part!      

These pictures were taken just minutes before their friends came over for a play date.   

Layla: "Ahhh...I feel so free!"

Jenna: "I can certainly think better when I'm in my natural really helps with this puzzle stuff."

In case you're wondering if I convinced them to get dressed for their guests...

Jenna: "What's with the costumes?"
Um, they're called clothes, Jenna.  

It's just a phase, right?  This too shall pass.

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