Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barnyard Bash: Part II...Party Time...Part I

In my last post, I shared all the details of Layla and Jenna's Barnyard Bash.  So, for this post (and the next), I'm going to focus on the actual party and party guests...after all, this was the best part!    

Before their guests began to arrive, Layla and Jenna went for a little tricycle ride in the front yard.

Are these boots not to die for?  The girls are certainly ready for a day on the farm!

They also thought they should get to know the animals a bit so they would look big and brave in front of their friends. 

Jenna: "Are you sure this is safe, guys?  I certainly don't want to be eaten before my friends get here!"

Jenna: "Alright, here goes nothing."

Jenna: "Easy, big fella, nice and slow."

Jenna: "Whoa!  Too fast, too fast!"

This is how the big llama liked to eat his grub.  He would snatch the cup from the kids' hands, knock it back, and then drop it on the ground when it was empty. 

And Jenna would be right there to pick it up for him!

Layla: "Okay, since sissy survived, I'll give it a shot."

Layla: "Here you go, Mr. Llama."

Layla: "What do you think, what do you think?!?!?"

Layla: "Yay!  He likes it!"

The girls thought it was such a hoot feeding the animals.  They could've filled and refilled cups all day!

But, we managed to pull them away for a few family pics!

Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, back to business.  Just as their friends start to arrive, Layla found a big stack of cups to share with them all.  Jenna is helping to fill them up!

H wasted no time getting busy.  I'm sure the goat was thankful since the gigantic llama was hogging most of the food.

G and her Daddy are making sure the little goat gets his fair share too!

J is taking it all in before he jumps in.  

Look at H!  He's a natural!

Sweet C came running from the car leaving her Mommy in the dust.  

She couldn't wait to hop on that pony!

Awww!  JP is giving the massive bunny a little lovin'!  I don't know, JP, I think that bunny could give you a run for your money!

The H twins are taking the ponies for a whirl!  I think this is L...

and this one is A.  I could be totally wrong...Danika, a little help here???
(confirmed...the twins are labeled correctly!)

Now the S twins have got the right idea!  Unfortunately, I don't have the slightest clue on which one is L and which one is O!  How terrible!  I swear, I'm better at it in person!  Lane, care to shed some light?

Now, I KNOW this is Cousin Caroline and her Mommy, Tara!  How awesome that they were passing through town and could stop by for the party!  It certainly made the girls' day super special!

Check out B riding with no hands!  Dare devil!

And here's one of the birthday girls, herself!  It took a little trickery, but Jenna finally got on the pony!

With her boots to boot!

Unfortunately, Layla didn't grace either pony with her presence.  That was a little shocking because I consider her to be more of the animal lover...maybe that's just from afar.  

Jenna: "Okay, guys!  Before we move things inside, it's important to clean up!"

"Don't forget about your hands!"
No fear...we had a hand-washing station set up inside with real soap and water!

Stay tuned for the second half of the party...oh yeah, there's more!

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