Friday, April 27, 2012

She's Got Skillz

Remember that song?  ANYWAY...

Once again, I'm a little behind on blogging and since I'm kind of a nut about keeping things in order, I'm going back about a month and a half and pulling this one out of the faint memory file of my brain. I don't exactly remember what was going on that day, but I do remember that Trey was working from home and, at one point, had to take an important phone job was to keep Layla and Jenna occupied enough to not peer at him through the study's glass door while chanting "Daddy!" until he lets them in.  So, what to do?  I know...let's work on some fine motor skills! (There's that 1st grade teacher in me coming out again!) 

I grabbed the marshmallows (left over from the birthday party), pre-bagged cheerios (also left over from the birthday party), and a couple of bamboo skewers (left over from, well, I just always have those on hand because you never know when you'll need to bust out the chocolate fountain!)  I gave the girls a quick demo of their assignment and let them get to work.  

Layla got started right off the bat.  She had no problem tackling this project!

Um, Jenna, I think you're missing the point.  

Layla: "I'm all over this!"

Jenna, are you going to work on your assignment?
Jenna: "What assignment?"

As you can see, some people are taking this a little more seriously than others.  

Layla: "Wow, I'm really on a roll!"

Layla: "Steady hands, steady hands."

Layla: "Yeah!  Look at me!  I'm so proud of myself!"

Layla: "Can I get a round of applause?"

Jenna: "Alright, alright.  Since Layla is being a show-off, I guess I'll get busy too."

Jenna: "See!  I can do it too!" 

Jenna always makes this funny face when she knows she's being watched.  Such a crack-up!

Yes, we're still watching, Jenna!

Ahhh, the look of satisfaction!

After the girls finished fine tuning their fine motor skills, they were given free reign to eat their materials.  I was surprised that neither actually ate their marshmallows, but here is the aftermath of one...can you guess whose?  

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