Friday, May 18, 2012

Circus Party

One of the cutest little boys in town celebrated his first birthday about a month ago.  His mommy, my dear friend, Lindsay, threw an amazing circus party to commemorate Austin's big day!  Poor Lindsay was so stressed out about the rainy forecast and inevitably had to change the party from a backyard bash to an indoor affair at the last minute.  I felt so bad for her because I know exactly what it's like to worry about the weather ruining all of your plans, but, nonetheless, the party was PERFECT!  Layla and Jenna had such a fun time and forgot all about the fact that they were missing their afternoon nap.  Believe me, there were no complaints from them!

Lindsay had all sorts of fun activities set up for the kids...the girls' first stop was the photo booth.  

Jenna: "Check out all this clown-gear!  I don't know if it's really my style, but I think it would look good on you, sissy!"

I thought Layla needed a little encouraging.

Layla: "Your kidding, right, mom?  

Jenna: "No pictures!  Oh I'll never be able to run for President."

Sponji the Clown made these balloon animals for the girls, even though the girls wanted nothing to do with Sponji the Clown!

One thing they did not shy away from, however, was the food.  

Time for games!

Seriously, check out Jenna's form...I think we've got a future pitcher in the family!

 Layla: "Bullseye!  Man, I'm good!"

Jenna: "Anyone up for a round of bowling?"

Layla: "I'm game!  You get the ball, I'll set up the pins!"

 The biggest hit of all was the tub of water with rubber duckies.  

I'm talking 'soaking wet shirts, water all over the floor, actually getting into the tub' kind of fun!

Eventually, the girls discovered popcorn.  

Unfortunately, instead of getting a bag of popcorn from the actual popcorn stand, the girls stole the ones meant for decoration off the tables.  Luckily, Lindsay didn't mind at all.  

Jenna: "I can't believe in all our two years, we've never had this stuff!"

Layla: "It's salty, buttery, fluffy...simply marvelous!"

Well, look who's getting brave and sharing her popcorn with Sponji!

I mean, really, perfect form even while holding popcorn!

Now, onto the face painting...

Jenna: "Now remember, less is more."

I'm telling you...face painting has come a long way!  This lady was doing the most intricate and detailed designs.  We opted for simple hearts since we weren't sure just how long Jenna would sit still.  Little Layla, decided against the face paint.

Jenna: "Ooh presents!  Let's see, which one of these is for me?"

Layla: "Now I know this one is mine...everyone knows how I feel about Elmo!"

 Okay, I think it's time to get out of here before the girls start opening presents!  

One last stop at the party favor table!  Red vines and a stolen decorative pom (sorry, Lindsay)!

Thank you so much, Austin, for inviting the girls to your birthday party!  They had such a blast celebrating with you!!!

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