Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Easter Bunny

Yes, we are totally those parents who feel it is absolutely necessary for Layla and Jenna to visit Santa and the Easter Bunny even if they don't necessarily want to.  What's even worse is that Trey and I actually find it slightly comical when they are having their melt down in the middle of the mall. As traumatic of an experience as this may seem in pictures, the whole thing lasts less than a minute and the crying immediately stops once their turn is over.  I mean, come on, do you really think they will be scarred for life because I made them sit on a bunny's lap when they were two? Doubtful.    

I ended up displaying one of these pictures in our house during the Easter season.  Every time the girls would see it they would point to the picture and say, 'I sad.'  Even though the picture is no longer around, and hasn't been for several weeks, whenever they are upset about something they will often cry out the words 'Easter Bunny'!  Okay, so maybe I have scarred them for life!      

I actually consider this a step up from our visit with Santa...Trey and I didn't have to sit in the picture with them!  See ya next year, Mr. Easter Bunny!

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