Monday, May 14, 2012

Eggcellent Lunch!

After the Easter Eggstravaganza at church, Layla and Jenna were pumped full of yummy sweets and treats.  We headed home for lunch, but I was pretty certain their tummies weren't going to be in the mood for an ordinary meal.  It's a good thing I had an eggcellent lunch planned!  While Daddy kept the girls occupied, I prepared the meal.  

"What in the world is this?  We think Mommy is off her rocker!"

Jenna: "More eggs???  Didn't we just get a bunch of these at church?"

Layla: "You know what they can never have enough eggs?  

Jenna: "Really, sissy?  Who says that?  Oh wait!  There's something in here!"

Layla: "Oh my goodness!  Is that chicken?!?!"

Jenna: "I think so, but it's hard to say...I hardly looked at it before shoving it in my mouth!"

Layla: "Yummy!  This one has a couple of grapes in it!"

Jenna: "Awesome!  More chicken!"

Layla: "Wait a minute, Daddy...what do you think you're doing with my chicken?"

Jenna: "Yes!  I hit the mother-load!  Organic bunny fruit snacks!"

Layla: "Cheese!  My favorite!"

"Can we have our lunch in eggs everyday?"

It's amazing how changing things up a bit can really help kids eat a good meal and it certainly made me feel better knowing L & J had something other than candy in their bellies!  I would say that the girls agreed...this was an eggcellent lunch!

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