Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Norman Music Festival

The Norman Music Festival set up shop all along the streets of downtown Norman during the last weekend in April.  Although we didn't check out all the various stages and musicians, we did take Layla and Jenna to the kiddie area for a little musical fun!  

When we first arrived, the OU Steel Drum Band was performing on stage and the girls were definitely intrigued.  

Jenna: "Snap your fingers to the beat, sissy!"

After the OU band, we had some time to kill before the next performance, so we walked around the lot to see what else they had to offer.  The Oklahoma City Philharmonic and the Oklahoma City Orchestra League provided an instrument playground that was oh so fun!  

"Man, listen to us!  We're awesome at playing the chimes!"

Jenna:  "All this music we're making makes me wanna dance!"

"Can we get one of these at home?"

Jenna: "Okay, lady, I know you work here and all, but keep your distance with that tambourine!"

Layla: "Goooooooong!"

Layla: "Hmmm, what shall I play?"

Jenna: "Can you name that tune in 3 notes?"

"So, we're not really sure why this bunny is here, but, COOL!"

Jenna: "Hang on guys, time out for a little chalking!"

Layla: "Great idea, sissy!"

At the center of it all, we found a face-painting station.  Jenna was an old pro since she had done this before at her friend's birthday party.  She knew exactly what she wanted.

Jenna: "Don't mess this up, lady...I mean business!"

Jenna: "Well, what do you think?"

Layla was a bit hesitant, so we started with a design on her hand.

We eventually went for the face, but she changed her mind half way through!

I think we were able to salvage the heart and she seems pretty happy with the hand-painting.  

Layla: "Um, you've got a little something right there."

Taking their seats for the next performance!

"Bring on the Sugar-Free Allstars!"

Layla: "Hang on, funnel cake break!"

Jenna: "That's right, Daddy, shove it in!"

By the time the Sugar-Free Allstars took the stage, we were well into nap time.  Layla enjoyed the music from her Daddy's lap...

...and Jenna got a little closer look with Mommy.  

We didn't stay for the whole show because the girls were pretty tuckered out, but we certainly had fun!  Music, bunnies, face-paint, and funnel cake...what more could a kid want?!?!?!

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