Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well, I thought our little family escaped the surgery that seems to be so common for other families these days.  Layla and Jenna spent the first 18 months of their lives sans ear infections. Unfortunately, around Christmas 2011, Jenna caught the cold that Layla was just getting over.  It wasn't too bad, really neither of my girls ever get sick and when they do, it's pretty quick and painless.  This time, however, Jenna complained that her ear hurt.  

After a trip to the pediatrician, it was confirmed that she had her first ear infection...double ear infection, to be exact.  Over the next 3 months, she repeated the vicious cycle of taking antibiotics, being fine for a week, complaining of an earache, and being diagnosed with another ear infection. After her 4th consecutive infection, we were referred to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist.  Of course, there is nothing lucky about this situation, but, lucky for us, one of our dearest friends is an ENT in Norman.  It was never a question that Dr. Jeremy, as the girls call him, would be our man!  

Prior to our first official appointment with Jeremy, he had looked at Jenna's ears a time or two (while having dinner at our house) and we had had several casual conversations about her prognosis.  At the time, we were just waiting it out to see if she could clear the fluid in her ears on her own.  However, when we went to visit him in his office, Jenna colossally failed her hearing test and had developed another double ear infection (which makes number 5).  That was enough for Jeremy to recommend placing tubes in her ears.  We scheduled the surgery for 3 1/2 weeks out and I think it is important to note that during that 3 1/2 week wait, she got her 6th ear infection.  It's important to note because even after Jeremy recommended surgery, I had several sleepless nights wondering if it was really the right move.   After 6 ear infections within 3 months, I knew he was right.  Poor baby!  

Of course leading up to the procedure, I was a nervous wreck.  Dozens and dozens of people reassured me it would be fine and it wasn't really a big deal.  Deep down, I knew they were right, but you just can't help but worry.  April 6, 2012 was our big day.  Pop drove up to stay with Layla while Trey and I took Jenna to the surgical center.  It was an early morning for the girl who never sees the light of day before 8am.  After peeling her out of bed, changing her diaper, and loading her in the car, we were on our way.  In this instance, the early bird does NOT get the worm.  The poor patient couldn't eat or drink anything past midnight, but really, that wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be.                

Jenna: "Oh, Mom!  Really?  It's kind of early of pictures, don't you think?  I haven't even had my milk!"

Jenna: "What are we doing here in the middle of the night?"

While we were getting checked in and hanging in the waiting room, Jenna was quite the ham.  She managed to get all the attention from the ladies behind the desk, as well as everyone waiting along with her.

Jenna: "Alright, let's get this paperwork filled out so we can get the show on the road."

Once we were called back to pre-op, Jenna continued to ham it up for all the nurses.  She ran into a few friends of hers as well...Dr. Chris (from down the street), Dr. Bruce (from church)...I think it made her feel at ease to see a few familiar faces.  

Jenna: "Look, Daddy!  I got a balloon and I haven't even done anything yet!"
That balloon lived in our home for weeks on end! 

Jenna: "I sound pretty good, huh?"

We lucked out again when we got Dr. Andy as our anesthesiologist!  He was awesome with Jenna and her nervous Mommy.  He even brought out a mask for Jenna to become better acquainted with.

Jenna: "So I put it right here and just breathe?  Easy!"

When Dr. Jeremy arrived and it was time to go back, Jenna acted like she had done this a hundred times before.  She never fails to amaze me!

Jenna: "Okay, you guys wait right here.  We'll be right back!"

As she got closer to the door, she got a little more nervous so Dr. Jeremy scooped her up...  

...and there was no looking back.  

The wait time was exactly 11 minutes.  Everything went perfectly and Jenna was as good as new. She was quite groggy in recovery so I got the rare opportunity to sit and cuddle with her for a few minutes...she's usually not the sit and cuddle type.  Once we were cleared to leave, we loaded her in the car and her first words were...

Jenna: "I want snack."
You got it, girl.  You can have whatever you want!

 Layla had a great morning with her Pop, but was super excited to see her sister.

Layla: "Thanks, sissy, for bringing me my own hospital bracelet!"

Jenna was immediately back to her ol' silly self.  I was told that she may be a little tired for a few hours...nope, we got jipped on that!

It's been almost a month now since the surgery.  All has been good so far.  Jenna has a follow-up appointment next week and will also get a hearing re-screen.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good report!  

I am so thankful for all the wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff we encountered that morning...it really could not have gone any better.  

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