Thursday, May 24, 2012

Zoo Birthday

One month ago today, I celebrated my 33rd birthday.  Well, to be truthful, I typically celebrate the whole month of April, but the actual day is the 24th.  My sweet family said that I could do anything I wanted for my birthday, so I chose the OKC Zoo!  Layla and Jenna called in sick to school, Trey took the day off, and we all headed north to see the animals.  

Quick side story...the pictures from this day were amongst the hundreds of pictures I "lost" a few weeks ago during an upload.  I was devastated.  Thankfully, my brilliant husband was able to retrieve them from a super secret folder on my Mac and then decode them so that I could access the files.  There are still a few pics that I can't get to upload to this post, but don't worry, there are plenty below!

This was only the second trip to the zoo for the girls.  They went a year ago and it wasn't a very pleasant experience, so their parents hesitated taking them back.  A whole year has passed and I just knew they were ready and would love it!  

Our first stop was the Children's Zoo.  When we entered the petting zoo portion Layla jumped right in.  There was a silly goat resting on a bench, so we told Layla to sit next to it.  She thought we said to sit ON it, so here she is trying to saddle up!  

Layla: "Here I come, Mr. Goat."

Layla: "Oh!  You said sit BY the goat.  I get it now!"

Jenna was a little more hesitant.  She preferred to be inside the barn where the animals were caged.  

Jenna: "See, sissy, it's much safer in here."

Layla: "Oh, come on, sissy.  These goats wouldn't hurt a fly.  Right, Daddy?"

Layla: "Feeding time!"

Jenna: "Here goes nothing..."

After several stops along the way, we made our trek toward the elephants.  This was our first visit to the new Elephant Habitat and our first time to see Baby Malee who celebrated her first birthday a week or so prior.  

"We're off to see the elephants!"

"We're almost there!"

Jenna: "Ooh, Daddy!  They're spectacular!"

They certainly are!  And, their habitat was just amazing!  

At the very tiptop was this beautiful waterfall.  Layla thought it was the perfect spot to pose with her Mommy.  Okay, maybe that was my idea and I forced it on her.    

After checking out a few more exhibits, we headed toward one of the playgrounds for a picnic lunch.  

Of course, Layla immediately found the slides...she loves them!

And Jenna found this frog!  

"Higher, Daddy, higher!"

Layla: "Ooh, I wanna go on there!"

Jenna: "I ride!  I ride!"
(direct quote)

Yes, of course, we let them ride.  Unfortunately, the carousel pictures are the ones I can't seem to upload.  I, meaning Trey, will continue working on them and, hopefully, they'll be posted soon!

UPDATED (5/25/12):  YAY!  Trey saved the day are those carousel pics!  

We decided the carousel was a great finale to our trip, but, of course, we couldn't leave without a couple of souvenirs!

Okay, I have to include this picture of my turkeys looking at a turkey to tell another side story (how else am I going to remember these things in 20 years?)  There is no denying the girls are strikingly different in size.  As they were trotting around the zoo I kept thinking to myself, geez, Jenna already needs bigger shorts.  During a diaper change right before going home, I realized their shorts were switched!  

Poor Jenna was stuffing her 3T body into a 12-18 month pair of shorts!     

After a nice nap, Trey and the girls took me out for a birthday dinner.  Of course, we can't all be looking at the camera at once, so here is Jenna looking forward...  

...and here is Layla looking forward!

After Dinner...

Those who know me well, know that cookie cake with white icing is my all-time fave!  What a perfect way to end a perfect day!  Thank you to my sweet family for a wonderful birthday!

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