Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrate Carrington

One of my favorite days of the year is when our neighborhood Mom's Council sponsors the Celebrate Carrington Community Party.  Layla and Jenna have gone every year since they were born, but I must say, the older they get, the more fun it becomes!  The evening was filled with yummy food and treats, super fun bouncy houses, awesome music, and, best of all, catching up with the neighbors.  

Once Daddy got the chairs set up, Layla took a load off to enjoy her PBJ.  

Jenna opted to go straight for the action!

Layla could hear the music and wanted to check out the band.

Layla: "Look who's singing!  It's Ms. Julie from Gymboree!"

Jenna: "Hey, Ms. Julie!  Can I play?"

The girls thought it was so cool that they knew the band.  They are total groupies now!

Next up...a little fun at the park.  Do you need help, Layla?

Layla: "I don't need no stinkin' help!"

I guess neither of you do.  

"Hey, sissy, doesn't the grass feel funny between your toes???"

Jenna met up with her friend, our next door neighbor, JP.  He was so kind to share his snow cone, but then Jenna swiped it.  Poor, JP!

Layla: "Ooh, sissy!  What's that?"

Jenna: "Here, try it!  JP practically begged me to take it!"

Layla: "You lucky duck!  Let me try feeding you!"

"Gosh, we're so glad Mommy got us our own snow cones.  Taking turns with JP's was not going to last very long!"

Layla: "Hey, Mommy!  Let me try some of that queso to see what all the fuss is about with 'Big Truck Tacos!'

Jenna: "Yup, it's delicious!"

Jumping with friends...I guess JP forgave Jenna for the snow cone incident.  

Hey girls?  Any chance I can get a picture with you?  Fat chance.  

Jenna: "Man, does it get any better than this?"

"Alright, the sun has set...I guess we should head home and get to bed!"

I feel so lucky that Layla and Jenna get to grow up in such a wonderful neighborhood!  It truly is the best!

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