Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lolli and Pop's

Over Memorial Day weekend, our little family headed down to Lawton for a quick day trip.  You might find this slightly appalling, but Layla and Jenna are now well into their 3rd year of life and they have only been to their Lolli and Pop's house twice before!  Did I mention it's just over an hour away?!?!  I'm not sure why this is...maybe it's because Lolli and Pop spend quite a bit of time in the OKC area and often pop by to see us or maybe it's because our girls only know how to sleep in their cribs and the thought of toddlers (especially when there are two of them) not sleeping well is a nightmare I'm not willing to live out!  Regardless, it's a shame and we should at least venture down there for quick day trips more often.  The drive was not bad at all and the girls had a blast!     

By the time we arrived, it was turning out to be a beautiful morning.  We spent a couple of hours just enjoying their beautiful backyard.    

Layla: "I'll race you to the ball, Harley!"

Jenna: "Daddy!  Check out this big bathtub!"
Have I mentioned we haven't exposed them to swimming pools much either?

Layla: "Ooh, Lolli!  Your flowers are breathtaking!"

 Jenna: "Hey, what's down here?"

Layla: "Time for snack!  Hmmm, what shall it be...applesauce, ice water, or left over baby bottle?"
Are you wondering who that bottle belongs to?

 It's Cousin Emory's!  She and her Mommy were down for the weekend.  

Here they are with Pop doing one of their favorite activities...looking at pictures and videos on the iPhone!

Layla: "I wanna see, Aunt Devin!"

"Sissy, do you get the feeling they're talking about us?"

Lolli and Pop have 5 fountains that shoot water into their pool...we refer to them as the Fountains of Bellagio.  The girls were definitely intrigued and, eventually, got up the nerve to touch them!

This was our cue to head to lunch at the Country Club.  We didn't want them getting soaked before our outing.  

Waiting in the lobby of, what the girls call, Pop's Club for the rest of the crew to arrive.  

Pop had us seated on the veranda which was perfect for watching the golfers finish up their game.  

Layla: "Thanks for bringing me here...I'm having a great time!"

By the look on her face, I would say Jenna was having a great time too!

When we got back to the house, it was time to get in that big bathtub!

"You want us to do what???  I don't know, Pop, that looks kind of scary!"

And they're in!

It didn't go over very well with Layla.  In her defense, she had a little bit of a stumble getting into the pool, which would be frightening for anyone who wasn't used to such a big bathtub!

Layla: "Thanks anyway, guys, I'll be just fine playing AROUND the pool!"

Lolli: "You think you might want to try the pool again?"
Layla: "Um, I'm thinking....nope."

Layla: "Who says these rafts are just for water?"

Layla stayed plenty busy playing AROUND the pool.  I just love her crouch!

Layla: "Ooh, that's beautiful, Aunt Devin!"

Layla: "You can never be too hydrated!"

Does she even have a clue just how darn cute she is???

I think she does!


...this face could get away with anything!

Jenna, on the other hand, did great in the water.  Granted, she wanted to get out a lot, but she also wanted to get right back in!

She loved splashing with her Daddy...

...and blowing bubbles...

...and just plain goofing off!

She had her fair share of time playing AROUND the pool too!

Jenna LOVED the fountains!

Jenna: "Let's see what will happen if I step on it."

Jenna: "Ooh, that feels like a back massage!"

Jenna: "Now, get my side!"

Jenna: "And my other side!"

Jenna: "Whoa!"

Jenna: "Okay, maybe trying to get a drink wasn't my best idea!"

Jenna: "Um, guys???  Can someone help me get out of this predicament?"  

I just couldn't wrap up the swimming pics without including this one!

After a colossal fail at napping, we settled for quiet movie time and, eventually dinner.  The girls loved the special table that Lolli set up for them.  

The evening ended with a little tune and then we headed back to Norman.  

We really had such a lovely day hanging out at Lolli and Pop's.  Hopefully, we'll do it again soon!

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