Monday, June 11, 2012

May Fair

The Assistance League of Norman holds its annual May Fair Arts Festival every year at the beginning of May.  Trey and I have been going for years and, now, Layla and Jenna join us as well. This year was extra special, though, because our sweet neighbor, Mitzi, was the chairperson for the entire event and I must say she did an excellent job!    

Mitzi and her committee incorporated several changes into this year's May Fair, including a race to kickstart the day.  The girls were so pumped about participating in the inaugural Art and Sole Run.  

"Finished...and we didn't even break a sweat!" 

After the race, we jumped right in and checked out all of the festivities...

Layla: "Look, sissy, I want to ride that one?  How about you?"
Jenna: "Um, no thanks, I'll pass."

Layla: "Okay, but you're missing out!"

Jenna: "Now this is more my style!"
Layla: "Yeah, this is pretty fun too!" 

Jenna: "Whew...I worked up an appetite from the race and all that jumping!"
Layla: "What a great spot to stop for a snack...I think the performers are starting soon!"

"The OK that's talent!

"We love the way their shoes sound, Daddy!  Can we get some???"

After watching a few performances and checking out the booths, the girls discovered the nearby playground and got a little distracted.

Layla: "It's always a good day when there are swings involved!"

Jenna: "Weeeeeeee!"

Layla: "Weeeeeee is right, sissy!"

Swingin' Sisters!

And then the coolest thing happened....

Jenna: "You hear that, Daddy?"

Daddy: "I do hear that!  Hurry, let's run and see it!"

 Layla: "Wow!  This is amazing!"

The train sighting sure got their appetites going again!

Jenna: "Hot dog on a stick...what a brilliant idea!"

Layla: "Why didn't I think of that?"

Layla: "Ooh, Daddy, I love Dippin' Dots...takes me back to when I was a little kid!"

Jenna: "Hang on, let me get my glasses out of the way."

"Alright, I think we've done all we can do...until next year May Fair!"

What a wonderful morning!  I just love hometown events that provide family fun!  Thank you Assistance League and great job, Mitzi!

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