Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

Well, we are well into the summer months and Layla and Jenna have certainly kept busy with lots of fun activities, like taking a trip to the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum.  First of all, if you've never been out to Seminole to check out the museum, put it on your list!  I have been hearing about this place for years, but now that I actually have kids, I hesitated taking them because I wasn't sure they were old enough to enjoy it.  Thankfully, one of the girls' best buds invited them to go, so I thought we would give it a shot.  I must say, not only were they old enough to enjoy it, they absolutely LOVED it and so did I!  The entire place is completely hands-on and there are so many cool exhibits and play areas to explore.  We didn't stay long enough to see it all, I didn't want to press my luck with handling the girls on my own while being over an hour away from my safe haven if everything fell apart, but that just gives us all the more reason to make a trip back to Seminole soon!  Here are a few snapshots from our day...  

Jenna: "So I'm a little confused about this infinity mirror."
Layla: "Yeah, me too, but look how many Laylas there are!"

In the courtroom...
Layla: "Wait, I can explain!"

At the construction site...
"Cool, magnets!  These are like what Mommy uses to unlock all the cabinets in the kitchen...let's practice and I'm sure we'll be able to open those cabinets in no time!"

"Let's build!"

Layla: "This one goes right here!"

Jenna: "Got it!"

Gettin' down and dirty in the gravel yard!

At the grocery store...
Layla: "Definitely need to get more juice."
Here comes Jenna racing around the corner like she's competing on 'Supermarket Sweep'!

On second thought, this must be 'Extreme Couponing'.  Why else would they have so much juice? 

Goodness, I hope nobody else wanted juice!

Jenna: "This carrot should balance out the sugar high." 

Layla: "Hmmm, this pear is a little too ripe for my liking."

Layla: "What?  Did I go overboard on the produce?"

Layla: "How about a t-bone for dinner?"

Jenna: "I'll definitely need to use credit to pay for all this juice!"

Jenna: "Price check!"

Jenna: "Paper or plastic?  Oh good, they have reusable bags.  I certainly want to be green!"

In the classroom...
The girls didn't have much interest in this room.  Hopefully, that isn't a sign of times to come!  

"Enough of the classroom, where should we go next?"

Jenna: "We could check out this old school fire truck!"

Jenna: "Better yet, let's go for a bike ride!  Almost my size!

At the hospital...
Layla: "Wow!  A real ambulance!"

"Time to scrub in for surgery!"
I didn't think I would ever be able to pull them away from the scrub room.  It took a lot of begging and pleading and then I finally just had to strap them in the stroller.  We had to get moving because we had purchased train tickets and it was time to head to the station!

A little pit stop on the way to the train station!

I know it doesn't look like they're having fun, but they really did love it once we got going!  

In the airplane...
"Check out all these buttons!  We're bound to cause some trouble in here!"

Jenna: "I wonder what this one does???"

Layla: "So many buttons, so little time!"

Lunch Break...
Nothing like a hotdog and chips from the cafe!  Hey, at least I paired it with a veggie pack!

I promised Jenna that after lunch we could go upstairs to visit the NICU.  She holds a very special place in her heart for NICUs (and so do I!)

Jenna: "This little baby seems nice and cozy in her isolette.  Looks like she's getting just what she needs!"

Jenna: "This baby just needed a little lovin'!  Good thing I came to visit!"

Jenna: "Alright, little baby, let's get you swaddled."

Layla didn't want to engage with any of the babies in the NICU mainly because laying in the bed nearby was this scary guy!  Can you blame her?

Jenna: "I can't be certain, but I think his leg is broken!"

After Jenna made the diagnosis, we packed up in the car and headed back to Norman.  One and a half Elmo movies later, we made it home just in time for nap!  What a perfect ending to a perfect adventure!     

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