Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cali: Day 1

In early August, one of Trey's cousins, Lauren, got married in Santa Rosa, California.  We like weddings and we love family, so we decided to pack up the girls and make a trip out west.  Aside from visiting grandparents, this was Layla and Jenna's first official family vacation...not to mention, their first time to fly on an airplane!  As I'm sifting through all the photos from the 6 day trip, I'm thinking it would be best to break the posts down by days.  I'm also thinking it's probably good that I've waited almost 3 months to report about our see, I seem to have forgotten how hard the hard times were.  You know, kind of like child birth (so I hear...c-section for me...easy peasy). For fun, I looked back at some of my old text messages during the first travel day and I am reminded of the difficulties we encountered.  Even so, I am left with nothing but fond memories of our California days!  

Here we go...Day 1 was a travel day for us.  We flew out of OKC at a fairly reasonable hour, thank goodness.  Check in and security were pretty simple, considering we were lugging two 2 year olds with us.  Shortly after, we arrived at our gate.  

Jenna: "Are we seriously getting on one of those things?!?!?!"
Layla: "I don't know, it doesn't look very safe."

Of course, before boarding, Daddy had to introduce the girls to TJ Cinnamon.  Every time we walk through the terminal during the morning hours we are graced with the lovely aroma of TJ Cinnamon's cinnamon rolls.  More often than not, we are able to resist...but, this was the girls first time to fly so we had to do it up right!

Jenna: "Keep it comin', Daddy!"

Layla: "Put 'er there!"

The girls had fun milling around the terminal, but eventually had to see what was packed inside their backpacks.  

Jenna: "My mommy should be very scared that I've already had to break into my airplane activities!"

We finally got settled into our seats and, yes, I had to bring out the big guns...suckers.  I reasoned that suckers were actually a good idea because I've heard it helps kids pop their ears during takeoff.  Unfortunately, the girls blew through their suckers before the plane actually moved.  Yes, they got another sucker...Mommy fail.  

 Jenna: "Geez, I always have to be the responsible one."

"Look, Mommy!  We're moving!"

It didn't take but a few minutes before the girls broke out of their seatbelts and were all over the place.  We just kind of let them be because this was just a quick flight to Dallas...I didn't want to break out the good stuff until the long flight.  

Passing time in DFW!

"Now this is how to ride an airplane!"

After we boarded the second flight, we learned that we would be delayed due to our co-pilot getting in late.  We sat in the airplane for 45 minutes and went nowhere.  I know it's pretty common to get stuck on a plane, believe me...we did it for 8 hours one time, but for our first flight with toddlers?!?!? I almost had a heart attack!  Who needs a co-pilot anyway???

"Why isn't this thing moving???"

Once the flight was well on its way, it was time to open my Mary Poppins bag.  

 Layla: "This is awesome!  Thanks Mommy and Daddy for the tiny TV!"

Jenna: "You seriously think I'm going to watch this thing?"

Layla: "I always say, when one phone isn't enough, use two!"

"Time for the meet and greet!  We just know everyone on this plane wants to see us!"

Oh,'re not fooling anyone.  We all know you didn't sleep a wink on the flight!

Uh oh, the fasten seat belt sign came on.  Gonna have to lure them with candy.

Layla: "This is weird, the candy pops out of her neck."
Jenna: "Yeah, super bizarre, but super yummy...I'm not questioning it!"

After a 3 hour flight (plus 45 minutes sitting on the plane), we made it to San Francisco!  To be fair, the girls did great...just about as great as you can expect any two year old to do.  It's just a difficult situation no matter which way you cut it.  Even if everything were perfect, nothing could relieve that pit in a parent's stomach until that plane touches ground.  I have never been so happy to get off of an airplane.  

Once we gathered all our luggage, Trey headed off to get the rental car.  We were given a heads up by family who arrived earlier that dragging the girls to the rental car place would not be fun.  Splitting up was our best bet.

"Oh how cute...Mommy thinks she can handle us AND the luggage on her own!"

Almost an HOUR AND A HALF later, Trey arrived back at baggage claim with the car.  We turned on a movie and started the hour-long drive to Santa Rosa.

Jenna almost immediately conked.

Layla was holding out for the Golden Gate Bridge.

There she is, sweetie!

Sweet dreams, Layla!

We were the last to arrive at the estate where 15 of us were staying for the week.  The girls were rejuvenated and ready for fun!  I got busy unpacking so this is the last picture I got for the day.  

 "It feels so good to stretch our legs and run!!!!"

It was a super long day that was topped off with the most amazing steak dinner on the back patio of our wine country retreat.  It was a perfect ending and just what we needed to relax and refuel for the next day.  Stay tuned for Cali...Day 2!

Just for fun, here are some of the text messages I sent during our travel day...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cochran Music Preschool

Our beloved MDO program at church has an abbreviated summer schedule that only meets during the month of July.  Seeing how this momma needs something a little more comprehensive (i.e. June and August), Layla and Jenna ventured out and joined Cochran Music Preschool for the summer months.  The girls loved attending Cochran and, even though we aren't officially enrolled anymore, they still visit every now and then for 'Just for Fun Friday' and the occasional 'Parent's Night Out'.  

Being the bad momma that I am, I failed to get any pictures on their first day, so here is their last day...

The girls just love Ms. Kim...she cheerfully greeted the children each morning making them feel welcome.  

Ms. Melanie is also a fave.  Here she is with the class rabbit, whom the girls referred to as the Easter Bunny.  

Thanks for a wonderful summer, Cochran!!!

Splish Splash

The Norman Splash Pad became a favorite of ours during the summer.  If you went at just the right time, it wasn't very crowded and provided just the right amount of coolness to beat the Oklahoma heat. Trey took the day after the Fourth of July off, so he was able to join us on one of our outings. Granted, this string of pictures will seem like an ode to Jenna seeing how she actually likes to get wet.  You can, however, rest assured that Layla enjoyed our splash pad visits as well.  She loved people watching and dipping her toes in the water.  

Jenna: "Turn it on, Daddy!"

Jenna: "There we go!!!"

It took a few visits, but Jenna eventually made her way through the "car washer".

Jenna: "Here I come!"

Jenna: "I did it!"

And this, folks, is how you get sick!

A little bacteria never scared this one!  Yuck!

Little Layla needed a little encouraging from Daddy.

But, every now and then, she'd get her little toes wet...

...and then her little hands.

And sometimes, she'd be curious enough to see what sissy was up to!

Layla: "I'd much rather be in the driver's seat...aim it this way, Daddy!"

Although both girls enjoyed the splash pad in their own special way, they both spent a majority of time doing this.  Once the snacks were gone, it was time to go home!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fourth of July

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought there isn't a more appropriate time to post about the Fourth of July!  Okay, so the two holidays don't really have anything to do with one another, but that's just how far behind I am in blog posts!  I blame my tardiness on computer issues, which is half true.  The other half???  Well, I guess I'm just lazy.  Nonetheless, here we go....

With our new found love of visiting Lolli and Pop's house, we decided to make a day trip down to Lawton to celebrate our country's birthday.  We started our day off by grabbing a bite to eat.      

Layla: "Hey, sis, are you getting the fruit cup or fries with your kid's meal?"
Jenna: "What do you think?"

After lunch, we headed to a super fun playground at Elmer Thomas Park.  Unfortunately, it was way too hot, so our park trip was short lived.  

Layla: "I'm such a good driver!"

Jenna: "Only cool kids can cross this bridge!"


Back at Lolli and Pop's, the girls provided a little afternoon concert.  

Jenna: "Sing along if you know the words!  It goes a little something like this...A, B, C, D..."

Each number ended with a little self applause.  

Eventually, the girls hit the pool.  Looking back at these pictures is kind of funny because this was back when the girls were still getting acquainted with the water.  Jenna was really getting brave!  

Jenna: "This is fun, Daddy!  I'm feeling pretty confident!"

Jenna: "Look!  I've mastered the back stroke!"

Jenna: "Catch me if you can!"

Jenna: "Marco!"

Just another island in the stream. 

Of course, the Fountains of Bellagio continued to be a main attraction!

Layla, however, still preferred the view from the cheap seats.  

Layla: "Wow, sissy!  I'm so proud of you!"

Layla: "Who needs a stinkin' pool?  I've got floaties to play with..."

 Layla: "...I can dip my toes..."

Layla: "...and I can get my Lolli all to myself!"

Regardless of whether you got in the pool or not, EVERYONE earned a popsicle!

"Well, this is refreshing!"

Time for a little bubble action...

Total concentration...

Jenna: "Well, look at that...I continue to amaze myself everyday!"

Jenna: "Let's not forget why we're here today, folks!"

Layla: "Can I get a 'God Bless America'?!?!?"

 At some point, we called an end to pool time and got dressed again.  

Jenna: "Yep, I'm pretty stinkin' cute!"

Layla: "Hmmm, I wonder what all the big people are talking about over there."

Of course, you can't allow two toddlers to be around water for too long before his happens!

There was no turning back!

Little Layla checking out nature in her most natural form.  

After a ridiculously short nap (for only one), we got geared up for the Lawton Country Club fireworks display.  

"We're dressed like a flag, all tatted up, and have our glow necklaces...I'd say we're ready!"


When we arrived, the girls had a blast just running around the course.  

Aside from the fact that they could've totally fallen into the gully below, 
I thought this made for a pretty cool pic!

Eventually, they found their seats on the #10 tee box and waited for the sun to set!

Our only family pic to prove we were all there!

After the fireworks, which the girls liked (not loved), we loaded up in the car and headed back to Norman.  We got home around midnight and, of course, after a few minutes of napping in the car, the girls were wide awake.  Eventually, they settled into a nice slumber in their cozy beds, but don't kid yourself, they were up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to ring in the Fifth of July!  It always works like that, doesn't it?