Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cochran Music Preschool

Our beloved MDO program at church has an abbreviated summer schedule that only meets during the month of July.  Seeing how this momma needs something a little more comprehensive (i.e. June and August), Layla and Jenna ventured out and joined Cochran Music Preschool for the summer months.  The girls loved attending Cochran and, even though we aren't officially enrolled anymore, they still visit every now and then for 'Just for Fun Friday' and the occasional 'Parent's Night Out'.  

Being the bad momma that I am, I failed to get any pictures on their first day, so here is their last day...

The girls just love Ms. Kim...she cheerfully greeted the children each morning making them feel welcome.  

Ms. Melanie is also a fave.  Here she is with the class rabbit, whom the girls referred to as the Easter Bunny.  

Thanks for a wonderful summer, Cochran!!!

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