Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Splish Splash

The Norman Splash Pad became a favorite of ours during the summer.  If you went at just the right time, it wasn't very crowded and provided just the right amount of coolness to beat the Oklahoma heat. Trey took the day after the Fourth of July off, so he was able to join us on one of our outings. Granted, this string of pictures will seem like an ode to Jenna seeing how she actually likes to get wet.  You can, however, rest assured that Layla enjoyed our splash pad visits as well.  She loved people watching and dipping her toes in the water.  

Jenna: "Turn it on, Daddy!"

Jenna: "There we go!!!"

It took a few visits, but Jenna eventually made her way through the "car washer".

Jenna: "Here I come!"

Jenna: "I did it!"

And this, folks, is how you get sick!

A little bacteria never scared this one!  Yuck!

Little Layla needed a little encouraging from Daddy.

But, every now and then, she'd get her little toes wet...

...and then her little hands.

And sometimes, she'd be curious enough to see what sissy was up to!

Layla: "I'd much rather be in the driver's seat...aim it this way, Daddy!"

Although both girls enjoyed the splash pad in their own special way, they both spent a majority of time doing this.  Once the snacks were gone, it was time to go home!