Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cali: Day 2

Day 2 in California was the only day that Trey and I got a little time to do grown up things without the kiddos.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to do them together, but that's okay because we both had a great time!  And, even though they weren't spending their day with Mommy and Daddy at the same time, Layla and Jenna still had a jam-packed schedule full of fun!

Before the activities began, the girls enjoyed swinging on the picture perfect wrap-around porch on this beautiful California morning.  

"Ahhh, it doesn't get much better than this!"

Jenna: "No, Cousin Emory...when the big people say to look at the camera, you're supposed to look the other way.  It's more fun that gets them all fired up!"

Such sweet sisters!

Later that morning, the girls headed to an inflatables play place and eventually lunch at a charming, little crepe place with Daddy and Lolli.  Devin, Rachel, Tara, and I were off to meet up with the bride and a few others for a day of bachelorette fun.  The plan was to take a bike tour through beautiful wine country stopping at a few wineries along the way and, of course, a yummy picnic lunch. However, a few of us had to be back at the house by a certain time, so we opted to drive instead of bike so we could head back when needed.

I have to hand it to these girls...they logged quite a few miles on those bikes!  Look how cute they are!

I couldn't even tell you what winery we were at, but it sure had a breathtaking view!

I thought this was interesting...they served cheese puffs with our wine.  Oddly enough, it worked!

Later that evening, the guys (and Tara) headed to San Francisco to take in a Giants game.  Devin and I took Layla and Jenna to downtown Santa Rosa for their 'Wednesday Night Market'.  This event takes place every Wednesday through most of the summer months and provides food, entertainment, and a fun family atmosphere for all of Sonoma County.  I think the traveling, sleeping away from home, and constant activity started to wear on the girls.  They were so tired, but quite content to sit quietly in their strollers and munch on kettle corn while taking in the scenery.  Here they are keeping a close eye on the cloggers.  

"If I we weren't so tired, we could totally do that!"

"Maybe a shot of lemonade will get us going again."

Layla: "I know, I just need to refuel a bit...this should help."

Layla: "I don't know Aunt Devin, I'm just not feeling the vibe."

Jenna: "But, thanks anyway for the sure is delicious!"

After a short time at the fair, we got these tuckered out girls back in the car and headed home. They had such a great day, but were certainly ready for a good night's sleep so they could hit the ground running the next day!  Stay tuned for Cali...Day 3!

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