Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cali: Day 3

We decided to fill the morning of Day 3 with a visit to Howarth Park.  Howarth Park offers a variety of activities from hiking and biking to boating and floating, but the part we were most interested in was K-Land.  I'm not exactly sure what K-Land stands for, but I'm going to guess Kiwanis Land because the entire area was a huge undertaking by the three Kiwanis service clubs in the Santa Rosa area, so I read.  Or, maybe it stands for Kid's Land, since the entire area is designed just for kids and packed full of fun things to do!

Our first stop was the playground...

Jenna: "Look at me all saddled up!  Reminds me of back home on the ranch."
(I have no idea what she's talking about.)

"Hey, sissy!  I can't believe they have playgrounds like this is California!"

Layla: "Yikes, that's a long way down!"

Jenna: "Hey!  Nobody told me there was going to be a splash pad!"
(Yeah, nobody told me either.)

 Jenna: "No suit?  No problem!"

And then...we became THAT family.  You know, the one with naked children on the train.

Next stop, Layla's favorite...the carousel...

Layla: "I always say I'm at my happiest when riding a fiberglass horse mounted on a metal pole!"

"Thanks for riding with us, Aunt Devin.  Our Mommy can only take so much."

Layla got in a few more rides while Jenna watched in her birthday suit.

Eventually, we made it over to the animal barn...another favorite of Layla's.  The best part was when the high school kid working the entrance took one look at Jenna and said, "Um, she's gonna need a shirt."  Man, they run a tight ship at K-Land!

Layla: "Hey, look at these baby chicks!  They were just hatched!  You know how I know that?  I read the sign."

Layla: "Well aren't these the cutest little duckies you've ever seen???"

Layla: "Hey, Mr. Goat!  Wanna come in?"

Layla: "Wait a minute, Mr. Goat!  I'm not sure you're supposed to be drinking out of that!"

Before heading home for a much needed nap, we stopped for frozen yogurt.

"Yummy!  Just like our fave, Orange Leaf, back home!"

Later that evening, we got all prettied up for the rehearsal dinner.  Lucky for us, we didn't have to go very far...the dinner was held in our own backyard!

"Hey Cousin Caroline...let's play a few numbers while we wait for the guests to arrive."

"You love our tunes, don't you, Cousin Emory?"

The rehearsal dinner was awesome.  The food was delicious, the weather was perfect, and there were lawn games to boot!

Layla: "This is easy!  You just drop the bean thingy right here!"

Jenna: "Yeah, I pretty much rock at corn hole!"

Jenna: "Can someone explain this Bocce business to me again?"

Jenna: "Ladderball?  Never heard of it, but it sure makes for a nice scarf."

Jenna: "Alright, time out for a drink.  Hmmm, what's it gonna be?"

Jenna: "I swear, it's not my beer."

I know I've referred to a lot of Layla's favorites, but this truly is one of her favorites....transferring water from one cup to another.  

Jenna: "Stick with me, Caroline, and you're sure to have a good time!"

Jenna: "Oh wait, this isn't a party favor?"

And here she is...the bride (front and center) with all her 'Dzialo' cousins.
From left to right: Alicia, Stephen, Lauren, Trey, Rachel, and Devin

I'm telling you, this was probably the neatest rehearsal dinner I had ever been to and it certainly got us pumped up for Lauren and Chris' big day....stay tuned for Cali: Day 4!

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