Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cali: Day 4

Day 4...Wedding Day!!!!  We were so excited for the big night and thought that having a relaxing morning would be a perfect way to kick off this special day!  Trey and I took the girls to the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, not for the wine, but for the pool.  The winery allows you to rent a cabine, which is essentially a private dressing area and shower, but along with that you get access to the pool and 4 chaise lounges.  The good thing about this system is the pool is not overcrowded, as they only allow those who have reserved cabines, as well as a few 'pool only' passes, each day. We actually made reservations before we left for California, but were put on a waiting list.  It wasn't until Day 3 of our trip that we got news that we were next on the list...we were thrilled!

Layla: "Hey sis!  Hurry up and get your sunblock on so we can swim!"

Jenna: "Hang on, I've gotta pose for the hiney shot!"

My California Girls!!!

"Hurry up and take the picture, Mom, so we can swim!"

Layla: "Man, my swim lessons sure have paid I love getting in the water!

Jenna: "Oh, the water feels so good!"

"Pull us around, Daddy, pull us around!"

"Look!  They have the Fountains of Bellagio just like Lolli and Pop!"

"Nothing like a little San Pellegrino by the water!"

Jenna: "Hmmm, I'm getting hungry.  I sure could use some food right about now!"

Jenna: "Ask and you shall receive!  This place is awesome!"

"This is the life!"

Layla: "Hey, I want some of this meat pizza...what do you think I am, a vegetarian????"

Jenna: "This may be the highlight of all my 2 years!"

"Now let's get down to business."

"Alright, time to pack it up and go home...but, not before we get one last slice of pizza!"

After a little afternoon snooze and a lot of sprucing up, we headed to the Paradise Ridge Winery for Lauren and Chris' wedding.  The location was just beautiful.  It was set way up on a mountain side overlooking a massive vineyard.  It was the perfect spot for this very special evening.

Jenna: "Wow, check out the vineyard!"
Layla: "Wow, check out the grapes!"

Layla and Lolli enjoying cocktail hour before the ceremony.

Layla: "Okay, Lolli and're in charge of me during the ceremony.  You think you can handle me?"

Jenna: "Okay, I'm seeing here that I'm not listed in the program, but let me know if you need me to step in somewhere!"

Layla: "Awww, this ceremony is so romantic."

Jenna: "Do you think anyone will notice if I take off with the decorations?"

"Woohoo!  They're married!"

Here is the only picture from the reception, as it was very short-lived for our little family.  The little girls gave it their best shot, but were just too worn out to make it to dinner.    

In an attempt to not leave on such an anti-climactic note, here's a cool shot of the bride and groom.  This was taken from the terrace where the ceremony and reception were held.  Way out in the field you can see the tiny bride and groom having their picture taken in the LOVE sculpture.  How cute is that?  

Stay tuned for Cali: Day 5!

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