Friday, November 30, 2012

First Field Trip

I'm so thankful for my Rare Pair group.  Not only do all the wonderful Mommas involved help me keep my head on straight, but the fun activities planned for the kids keep us coming back for more! Like this particular beautiful, fall morning...several of the moms, with toddlers in tow, met at a fire station, while the bigger kids were in school.  This was Layla and Jenna's first field trip and I'd say it left a lasting impression in their sponge-like minds...we now have to drive very slowly when we pass a fire station so they can totally scope it out.  The fire station we visited that day was station #3 in Moore.  The facility was really nice and the firefighters were even nicer.  Most of these pictures are of Jenna, since she was totally into casing out the joint.  Layla stuck by my side, but you could tell she was taking it all in.     

Photo Disclaimer...more iPhone pics.  For the record, I didn't forget my camera again, I just forgot to charge the battery.  

Firefighter: "Hey, young lady!  What are you doing back there?"

Jenna: "Oh, I was just going to see how long I could hold a plank on this ball."

Jenna: "Wait a minute, are we gonna have to take a nap?"

Layla: "Can someone turn on 'Caillou'?  I'll catch up with y'all later!"

Jenna: "So what you're saying is fire is bad."

Jenna: "Sweet!  Perfect for climbing!"

Jenna: "You don't mind if I slip these on, do you?"

Layla: "Keep it moving, sissy!"

Layla: "Mommy says we can only bring one toy in the car.  These guys are so lucky!"

Jenna: "Stand back, folks!  I've got this under control!"

Jenna: "No, really.  I can drive this thing.  I swear."

Jenna: "Yes, sir, I would love one of your fancy coloring books and pencil."

Layla: "Thank you, sir!"

"Thanks, Rare Pair, for organizing this trip and thanks fire fighters for having us out to your home!  We learned so much!"

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