Monday, November 26, 2012

Oklahoma Aquarium

In late August, my oldest niece celebrated her 15th birthday.  In honor of this special occasion, we invited her to spend the weekend with us in Norman and tried to fill her time here with lots of fun. Now I can't speak for her, but I certainly had a blast doing all things girlie, such as pedicures, shopping, fancy dinners, and chick flicks.  Believe it or not, the weekend was capped off with even more fun when we met up with her brothers, sister, and mom in Tulsa to hit the Oklahoma Aquarium before sending her back home to Bentonville.  

"Come on, sis, let's go see what this place is all about!"

"That's funny, this guy eats rocks!"

Jenna: "My, what sharp teeth you have!"

Looks like Jenna has everyone's attention as she explains this exhibit.

Layla: "Hold me, Daddy, while I catch some shrimp!"

 Layla: "These turtles sure have a healthy diet...they love carrots!"

Jenna: "I bet they'd prefer french fries."

Jenna: "Now, you'll let me know if the fish are coming toward me, won't you?"

Layla: "Oh, Mr. Beaver!  Where are you?"

"Hey, Cousin you see the stingray?"

Check out the big guy swimming above Asher!

Jenna: "Um, this is a little too close for comfort, guys!"

Aren't my nieces and nephews the best?  Seriously, the dynamic between these siblings is just amazing!"

 Cousins Pic!  I'll give you one guess as to who wasn't thrilled about it.
Left to Right: Asher, Aydin, Kieran, Jenna, Alisa, and Layla

 No worries, a visit to the gift shop for a stuffed souvenir and a turtle sucker does the trick every time.  

I'd say these girls were worn out after a day with their cousins.  Yes, they had to change outfits after lunch.  Let's just say there was queso involved!

Until next time, Arkansas Cousins!  

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