Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oklahoma State Fair

All you Okies know that the Oklahoma State Fair has come and gone and I'm sure a lot of you went.  We went too...I'm not sure why, but we did.  It's not that we had a terrible time, I just think it's a little much for two year two year olds at least.  They enjoyed it, but I think they had more fun at the Cleveland County Fair.  I, on the other hand, thought the State Fair was a whip.  Maybe I'm just being a sourpuss about it because we made two colossal mistakes...
  1. We didn't bring the good camera.
  2. We chose not to bring a stroller.  
Now the first mistake, is not a huge deal...I've always got the iPhone to fall back on, you just don't always get the shot because it doesn't click fast enough.  But, the second mistake, well, that was a doozy...a 36 pound doozy.  There was a lot of ground to cover and, for the most part, the girls were happy to walk.  The problem, though, was that they move at a snail's pace and it was way too crowded to just let them roam.  The bigger problem was that the 36 pound doozy wanted Mommy to carry her, while the 26 pounder was much happier with Daddy.  Thus, sourpuss Mommy. Nonetheless, the good times were good.        

Jenna: "Hey, sis, you gonna be brave again and ride that thing?"
Layla: "Nah, I wouldn't want to show you up again."

"Now the petting zoo?  We're all about that!"
I love how Layla is tucking her sunglasses in her shirt like Daddy does.

"You think we can convince Mommy and Daddy that this swing would look great in our backyard?"

"It's like this round chair was made just for us!"

"Hey, look at the....!"
(I can't remember what we were looking at.)

"Let's go swimming!"

Jenna: "Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the cup of sugar!"

Layla: "All my sugar is gone."

This, by far, was L&J's favorite part...the hot tub showroom!

Sweet sisters!

Sorry for all the hiney shots...I guess that's what you get when (A) you miss the shot because your using an iPhone and (B) they are constantly running away because you don't have them in a stroller.  Lesson learned.

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