Wednesday, November 28, 2012


On Labor Day, we took Layla and Jenna to see their very first 'REAL' know, like in a theater and everything.  What possessed us into doing something as crazy as that?  Well, a really, really awful movie was released that I thought would be just perfect for them.  Honestly, it's not very often a movie is made for big screen that is truly geared toward two year olds.  Even most Disney movies can be over their heads, not to mention a little scary at times.  But, I read about this one in People (yes, I subscribe) and saw a preview on tv and thought we should give it a whirl. Still, we had very low expectations and figured if we at least sat through 30 minutes of it we would consider it a success.   

"We're at the big movies!  I guess this is where Daddy goes with his friends a lot."

"This movie looks spectacular!"

"Um, yes.  We'll have some of this, please."

"Ooh, what nice, fuzzy seats and a booster to boot!"

"A movie AND popcorn???  What a treat!"

Believe it or not, the girls did great!  We stayed the entire movie and they were engaged the whole time.  Does this mean we'll be taking them to a movie every weekend?  Absolutely NOT!  In my opinion, there are 3 specific reasons why this trip was such a success...
  1. The movie was tailored to two year olds.  About every 10 minutes or so, the kids were directed to stand up and dance along with the Oogieloves.  Perfect.  
  2. This particular theater has a lot of legroom between the rows and we sat in the back which has even more room.  That meant the girls could stand, move around, and swap seats without bumping into everything and everyone.  
  3. There was only one other family in the theater.  That, alone, allowed my anxiety level to go down.  I didn't have to worry about disturbing the other viewers if the girls were talking or, heaven forbid, got upset.  A less anxious momma results in less anxious children.   
Well, I guess I'll need to keep my eyes open for another terrible movie like this to come along.  Let me know if you hear of any!

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