Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TG Farms

Oh Fall, how we love you...especially because you mark the start of pumpkin patch season!  Our first patch visit was with my Rare Pair - Mothers of Multiples group out at TG Farms in Newcastle. Again, this is one of those annual events that just gets more and more fun every year (apparently, it gets colder too...last year was just down right hot!)  

Near the entrance of the patch stands this gigantic cool to be able to see just how much they've grown!

                                     October 2012                                                             October 2011

Moving on...

 Layla: "Hang on...someone take my picture!  This is just too cute to miss!"

First off, Layla's favorite...the animals!

"Wow!  Look at those piggies going wee wee all the way home!

Layla: "Well, hello, cutie!"

"Want a little snack???"

Layla: "Gosh, Daddy, this little guy is hungry!"

Jenna: "Now, you two need to least that's what my Mommy says all the time."

Jenna: "This doesn't seem like the safest place to have a snack, but who am I to judge?  Safety has never been my forte."

At some point during the day, we all stopped to get a group pic...can you find us?  

Back to business...

Jenna: "Check out my true Olympian form!"

Layla: "Now this takes total concentration."

Jenna: "Boo!"

Layla: "Man, climbing to the top of this haystack sure is a lot of work!"

Layla: "But, the payoff is AWESOME!"

Jenna: "Hey!  Can someone push me?  My legs aren't long enough!"

Jenna: "Check out this impostor trying to sneak into the pumpkin patch!"

Jenna: "Here's a winner!"

Jenna: "Coming through, coming through!"

Layla: "This just might work better if I roll it."

"Alrighty, we're loaded up...time to head home!" 

Thanks, Rare Pair, for organizing another fun outing to the pumpkin patch!

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