Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tiny Dancers

The beginning of a new 'school' year always brings new adventures.  This year, Layla and Jenna are taking up dance (well, they're taking up gymnastics too, I just haven't managed to get any pictures of that debacle).  They are enrolled in a creative movement class for 2 year olds who are all about having fun.  The best part about the whole thing is several of Mommy's friends all conspired together to enroll on the same day so we could socialize during our 45 minute 'break'.  After several months, I think the girls are really starting to get the hang of this whole dance thing and love showing off their moves at home, but these pics take me back to their first day as tiny dancers.      

Layla: "What exactly is this get-up all about, Mom?

Jenna: "Who says three's a crowd?"

Layla: "Wait a minute, what's this boy doing here?  No one said I was going to have to dance with boys!"

Here is the girls' second most favorite thing about dance...the toys in the lobby!

Layla: "I'm all laced up and ready to go!"

Jenna was a little hesitant and still is to this day.  I really think it's just part of her routine...she likes to give me a hard time for not being by her side 24/7, but she's completely fine two seconds later.  Ms. Heather, or Ms. Feather as the girls like to call her, is always so sweet to help lure her in the studio.

Now, here's the hardest part about dance...when the door closes, no parents are allowed in the studio and there are no observation windows!!!  The curiosity nearly killed me the first day, but I'm totally fine with it now.  Ms. Heather was kind enough to let all the mommies (and one daddy) come in and take pictures at the end of their first class.  

Here's the girls' most favorite thing about dance...suckers!!!

Sweet friends...lots of memories to be made!

Who knows how long Layla and Jenna's dance career will last?  All I know is they are having a good time and I certainly like chatting with my friends in the lobby!  Hopefully, we can work out a similar schedule for many years to come!

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